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Is your trade union planning a study trip to Brussels? Do you want to arrange meetings in the EU's capital?

We here at the Brussels office of the Swedish Trade Unions are happy to help Swedish trade union groups with planning and setting up programs for visits to Brussels. In addition to an overview of our activities and work, we can help with visits to, among other things, the European Parliament, the European Commission and other EU institutions and bodies as requested.

We have two conference rooms that we lend to trade union groups and rent out to third parties.

The Brussels office is located in a so-called Maison du Maître building, inspired by the Art Nouveau style, and built in 1907.

For help with visits and programs, contact Jonna Jaakke (address details under "contact").


The Brussels Office of the Swedish Trade Unions
Avenue de Tervueren 15
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.
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Mission is the website for LO/TCO/Saco's Brussels office. The trade union office in Brussels monitors the cooperation in the European Union and supports the work of the central organizations for a European policy that corresponds to the interests and needs of the trade union members.

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