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About the Brussels office 

We monitor the EU in the interests of wage earners

LO's, TCO's and Saco's joint Brussels office has the task of monitoring the cooperation within the European Union and supporting the work of the central organizations for a European policy that corresponds to the interests and needs of trade union members.

The EU's policies and decisions are, directly and indirectly, of great importance for Swedish wage earners and union activists. Therefore, the trade unions must be present and monitor the Union's development and legislation.

The Brussels office provides in-depth information on, among other things, commission reports and proposals, and opinions from the European Parliament and the European Union. The office particularly follows economic policy, employment policy and other working-life related issues, for example labor law, work environment, working hours, gender equality and social insurance.

The Brussels office has an important role as a link between Sweden and the EU, and helps LO, TCO and Saco and their unions with contacts and information in Brussels.

The office receives many visitors. We also arrange programs for trade union groups, administrators and elected officials. See the section Visit Brussels on the website. Politicians, authority representatives, journalists, researchers and other interested parties also receive information from us about developments in the EU from a trade union perspective.

The board of the Brussels Office

The Brussels Office of the Swedish trade union is a joint undertaking by LO, TCO and Saco. The office's operation is governed by a board with a rotating chairmanship, where LO's first vice-chair Therese Gouvelin is currently the chairman. The vice-chairs are TCO's chairman Therese Svanström and Saco's chairman Göran Arrius. Other members are Oscar Ernerot, LO, Mika Domisch, TCO (adj.), and Jenny Rydstedt, Saco.

Employees of the Brussels Office 

The trade union Brussels office is led by an office manager and consists of a senior advisor, a finance and personnel assistant and a visitor administrator. Since autumn 2020 the office also has at least one student intern per semester. The office also regurarly welcomes and are aided by junior advisors out on secondment from the member organisations and their unions.  Our contact information can be found here.

The building 

The Brussels office is housed in a so-called "Maison du Maître" inspired by the Art Nouveau style. The house was built in 1907. Read more about the building here.

Jonna Jaakke, Eva-Lena Kapanen, Katja Olbers-Goderis, Carl-Albert Hjelmborn


The Brussels Office of the Swedish Trade Unions
Avenue de Tervueren 15
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Mission is the website for LO/TCO/Saco's Brussels office. The trade union office in Brussels monitors the cooperation in the European Union and supports the work of the central organizations for a European policy that corresponds to the interests and needs of the trade union members.

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